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MECELP is a Mechanical Electrical Plumbing (MEP) Contractor, that provides an all-encompassing Engineering construction and maintenance services for types of buildings.

MECELP have worked on many prestigious developments for high profile restaurants, retailers, hotels, commercial buildings, Laboratories, hospitals. We have supported national roll-out programmes for big brands, as well as independent businesses. Therefore, we understand the pressures our clients are increasingly under to meet tight deadlines and budgets.

We will coordinate the installation work and commission activities in the most efficient manner. Rather than waste precious project time on inefficient meetings and coordination between various service contractors, all of the design and planning will be meticulously carried out by our team of professionals.

A dedicated MECELP MEP contracting team coordinates the intricate layout of all your mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, without the delay of waiting on other businesses for information. This not only speeds up the estimating and design process, but also allows us to make the most effective use of the available space for services.

We are proud to have trusting and long-term relationships with our clients and our aim is to maintain these relationships as well as continue building our company to be the most competitive and quality driven MEP Engineering Contractor in domestic and international market.Our teams comprise of highly qualified and motivated Mechanical & Electrical professionals, who have gained experience both nationally and internationally. We are committed to providing a Co-ordinated and detailed Design to our client’s satisfaction and approval before work is commenced on a project.

Our ability to listen drives our design excellence


  • Peace-of-mind
  • Optimised system layout and design
  • Efficient installation coordination
  • Key items unlikely to get missed
  • Reduced preliminaries
  • One site contact for all MEP services
  • The most efficient progress on site
  • The full support of our in-house service department
  • Quicker completion
  • Efficient commissioning
  • Reduced snagging
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