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MECELP is a leading player in providing Integrated Solutions from

  • 1. Design Consultation
  • 2. Project Management
  • 3. Procurement & Construction
  • 4. Commissioning & Qualification

Some of the Cleanroom built by us includes

  • 1. Pharmaceuticals cGMP Clean rooms
  • 2. Biotechnology
  • 3. Microbiology
  • 4. Food and Beverages
  • 5. Healthcares & Laboratories

Our uniqueness arises from the fact that we prioritize listening to our clients and understanding their specific needs. By doing so, we create superior products in design and performance that meet and exceed international standards, while maintaining the familiar ease of installation that our clients are used to.

We are capable of performing high-end services such as layout and schematic proposals, which tends to improve installation accuracy and efficiency. This ultimately results in a high-quality and impressive-looking cleanroom facility that meets our customers’ expectation and budget consist-ently.

Our Services

  • Engineered & Innovative
  • Engineered structural integrity and flexibility to meet the high standards and ever-changing needs

  • Corrosion-Free Material
  • Durable and corrosion-free extruded aluminium to provide long lasting and attractive finishes

  • Easy & Quick assembly
  • Flexibility to be modified on site and can be configured to any layout also minimize plant disruptions

  • Attractive Finishing
  • High quality skin with pleasing clean finish enhances the appearance of any building or facility

We integrate all the key process and functional equipment’s to ensure your project is completed as per the concept agreed upon and undertake installation, commissioning and validation of key equipment & components

Our integrated solutions includes the services like

  • 1. HVAC
  • 2. Electrical
  • 3. Building Management system
  • 4. Utility and gas pipings
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